Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal is important in any real estate sales transaction.  That continues to be true when flipping a house.  It is important to have the exterior of the house as neat and clean looking when selling a house.  If you went on a job interview you would be sure to dress appropriately and look your best.  This is the same thing you have to  do for a house that you are flipping.

Be sure that the lawn is cut and the yard is well groomed.  If there is a particular problem growing grass in one spot consider an island of shrubs, flowers and a small tree or two.

Paint the house if necessary.  Redo or add siding if it increases the value and improves the look of the house.  If the house already has vinyl siding it can be painted with a good acrylic based paint.  Match the color if you only need to spot paint.  This can easily be done by taking a sample of the siding to a paint store.  I have used Sherwin-Williams with great success.  Sherwin-Williams and others have products now designed for painting vinyl siding.   If neither painting or adding siding to the house is practical, then at a minimum power wash the house.  Be sure the driveway looks good too.  If it is asphalt and you don’t redo the paving then you should seal the driveway to create a new and clean look.  If the driveway is gravel be sure it looks good and get new gravel dropped in if it is too thin.

Having curb appeal will allow you to sell the house quicker.  It can also add money to your profit by enabling you to get a better offer.

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