About Me

Before becoming a real estate investor I had a completely different life.  In 1978 I became a Certified Public Accountant in Connecticut.  My education includes a Master’s Degree in Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and Sociology.  Prior to beginning my real estate education and investing, I was president of an organization that employed 200 people.

 After more than 30 years in an industry that loaned money to students, and an uninspiring stint in doing tax returns, I decided to try something a bit more exciting.  I took a plunge and attended a real estate investor meeting in Connecticut.  This is what led to my eventual real estate investing and finding something that I love to do.

 I have studied real estate investing extensively over several years and have been a real estate investor in several different ways.  I have spent a significant amount of time and money for education in this area.  I mean hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.   I have taken courses provided by real estate investor “gurus” including Paul Esajian and Than Merrill, who have been credited with starting CT Homes, LLC and FortuneBuilders, Inc.  Both men have been featured on A&E’s “Flip This House.”  I have also taken courses created by Mark Klee and Caryn McKinney-bankruptcy experts, the Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association (and have been included in their Hall of Fame), Robert Shemin (specializing in apartment rentals .  I was included in a one on one mentoring program), Robyn Thompson (flipping expert) and others.

 This Blog will be dedicated to discussing real estate investing and the various ways you can get involved, regardless of your age or the type of work you do or may have done.  I am hoping that I can save my readers time, heartache and cash by discussing my experiences and ways that I have found to be successful when investing in real estate.  I am also planning on having guest blogs, as well as providing you with videos to give my followers other perspectives on real estate investing.

 Finally, I am in the process of developing a reasonably priced training program.  I will be providing my readers with more information on that when it is completed. 

I am hoping I can help investors, particularly novice investors, understand what is involved in real estate investing and how to organize and prepare themselves for success.  There is always a risk, but being prepared for success is a great way to minimize that risk.